“Mad Men” Live Read And Finale Event

Posted by Brooke on May 18th, 2015


Last night marked the end of an era. Kiernan showed her support for the finale of her show at a live read and viewing of the final episode of Mad Men. While Mad Men may be gone, it will not be forgotten. And Sally Draper will live on as one of the most well-rounded, intriguing, and interesting television characters in history! Kiernan was able to meet up with her co-stars for one last hurrah before the finale aired.


“Mad Men” Live Read And Finale Event



Posted by Brooke on May 5th, 2015

Kiernan was interviewed by AMC TV, the official website for the channel Mad Men airs on! She talks about growing up on screen, Sally growing up, her on-screen parents, and more!


Q: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing professionally?

A: I always said I would want to be a food critic. I love eating so much and I love writing, so I thought it would be a perfect combination. It would definitely be something artistic.


Read the rest of the interview at blogs.amctv.com! They also link to an interview Kiernan did when she was nine years old. You can definitely see the difference in how much Kiernan elaborates. You can read that one here!


Soul Cycle Event + Nylon Interview!

Posted by Brooke on April 30th, 2015


Kiernan was seen at a Soul Cycle event yesterday. It looks like she had a lot of fun! Pictures are available here.

rag & bone Sole Bicycle Event



Kiernan was also interviewed by Nylon Magazine a few days ago. She talks about the end of Mad Men, and what she plans to do in the future.


“This is kind of like my high school graduation, since I never actually attended a real high school. It’s crazy, and super emotional, but it’s also just weird because I was on the show for more than half my life. It feels like this thing that’s always seemed so familiar is now closing—very odd and bittersweet.” -Kiernan Shipka


Read the rest of the interview at nylon.com!


Two pictures were released with the interview. They are now available in the gallery.
Nylon Magazine