Just Jared’s ‘Way Too Wonderland’ Party Presented by Ever After High!

Posted by Brooke on August 28th, 2015

Last night Kiernan, among other young actors and actresses, got to attend Just Jared’s ‘Way Too Wonderland’ Party Presented by Ever After High!! It looks like she had a fun time. Kiernan wore a Valentino Resort 2015 dress and shoes. Pictures from the event are available to view in the gallery!


Just Jared’s ‘Way Too Wonderland’ Party Presented by Ever After High

Kiernan on Project Runway!

Posted by Brooke on August 28th, 2015

Sorry this news comes late, but Kiernan is a guest judge on Lifetime’s Project Runway tonight! Be sure to watch if you can!



I have added 98 screen captures have been added to the gallery. Kiernan did a wonderful job critiquing, and she was a very kind and gracious judge. You can view them here.

Two new events!

Posted by Brooke on August 23rd, 2015

Even with Mad Men over, Kiernan is still a very busy teenager. She has recently attended a private event At Hyde Staples Center for Taylor Swift concert hosted by Tommy Bahama. She could also be seen yesterday celebrating her February co-star Emma Roberts‘ unretouched Fall 2015 Aerie campaign. Pictures from both events are available to view in the gallery!

Tommy Bahama Hosts Private Event At Hyde Staples Center For Taylor Swift Concert


Emma Roberts’ unretouched Fall 2015 Aerie campaign

In other news, Kiernan talked with W Magazine last week. Read some quotes below, or read the whole thing over at their website!

Define your style in three words:
Fun, because I like to have a lot of fun with what I wear. I mean, to me that’s what style is about.  Casual—I’m a pretty casual person in the everyday sort of realm. And classic, because I really like pieces that I can wear over and over again.
How does your personal style change when you’re working on a specific project?Well Mad Men definitely influenced my style—it influenced me just liking fashion in general. Even if I didn’t dress the same as Sally, it just totally influenced my actual interest and I totally went through super retro phases and all that kind of stuff. And then when filming One & Two we were filming on a farm for most of it so I kind of went in jeans and that was kind of that. Daily uniform: My uniform as of late has been overalls—they’re very easy and simple and a good way to just kind of get out the door and look kind of fun.
Style icons:
I’ve always loved kind of the Old Hollywood look, the Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly kind of vibe. I think that’s beautiful and amazing. Currently I do love Alexa Chung I think her style is really, really sharp and she’s so on point always.
Lusting after:
I’ve been big into backpacks lately. I’m kind of wanting a simple black backpack and t-shirts. I always find like just the more t-shirts the better.

Kiernan also talked to Cosmopolitan recently. They chatted about her new film One & Two, teleporting around L.A. and her love of France and food. Read some quotes below, or read the entire interview over at their website.


What did you like about playing a lead and what didn’t you like about it?
It was really interesting material to work with, which I loved, and what was really an exciting challenge is that it was a really quiet film and I like acting with a lot of expression. Also what was a real treat and a challenge was I was working every single day with the most awesome crew and a great cast, and it was a very supportive environment. There were a lot of really long days, which turned out to be some of the most memorable and most fun, so it does come with challenges, but sometimes those challenges are actually really nice.
What’s something that you’ve done recently that was completely new?
Well, I went to Paris Fashion Week last month and it was the first time I’d ever been in Paris. The Miu Miu show was just incredible, but the food is on another level — I planned all my days around it [laughs]. Everything’s about food for me, it’s the driving force.
Are you getting ready to go back to school?
I’m actually not on a normal school schedule. Right now I’ve been taking college courses and I don’t do the summer break thing. I’m about to start French.
Was that inspired by your trip to Paris?
It kinda was, not gonna lie. My trip to Paris, it was life-changing. I was like, “I want to speak French now!”
Well, I guess you haven’t had a typical summer but what’s been your favorite moment of the last few months?
I went on a week vacation with two of my best friends. We were in Florida, on the beach. It [had a] could’ve-been-a-coming-of-age-movie sort of vibe and it was just kind of the best.

End of Summer Events!

Posted by Brooke on August 7th, 2015

As we head further into August and get closer to the new school year, we have to say goodbye to summer 2015. Kiernan recently attended a summer party and a back-to-school celebration. At the 8th Annual Oceana SeaChange Summer Party Kiernan got to catch up with her Mad Men parents, Jon Hamm and January Jones! She also hung out with One & Two co-star Timothée Chalamet, and fellow actress Beth Behrs.
August fifth Kiernan attended a Teen Vogue x Simon hosted style dinner to kick-off back-to-school Saturdays at Chateau Marmont! Tons of young Hollywood stars were there, including Kiernan’s good friend Amandla Stenberg, Willow Shields, Bailee Madison, Nicola Peltz, and Disney stars Bella Thorne, Peyton List, Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter. Kiernan looked sophisticated and her outfits were cute and classy at both events. It looked like she had a great time. Pictures from both events are available to view in the gallery!


8th Annual Oceana SeaChange Summer Party

Teen Vogue x Simon Host Style Dinner To Kick-Off Back-To-School Saturdays


In other news, the first trailer for One & Two, Kiernan’s new film, has been released. It looks like a super interesting plot. Be sure to watch below!

STX Entertainment’s “The Gift” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted by Brooke on July 31st, 2015

Kiernan recently got to attend STX Entertainment’s “The Gift” Los Angeles Premiere! It looks like a super creepy and interesting movie, and I hope Kiernan had a fun time. Her outfit was cute and matched the mood of the movie. Pictures from the event are available to view in the gallery!


STX Entertainment’s “The Gift” Los Angeles Premiere