Kiernan as "Sally Draper"

Sally Draper Video Reel

"Sally Draper is the daughter of Don Draper and his ex-wife Betty. Already wary of adults, Sally's distrust of Don deepened when she caught an intruder in his apartment who claimed to be her grandmother. Though her instincts (and her eyes) told her that the burglar was lying, she knew too little about her father's life to be certain. She lost what was left of her faith in her father when she caught him in the arms of his mistress. She refused to visit him, enrolling in boarding school, where she first took her anger out on an aggressive teenage boy, then was ultimately suspended for drinking alcohol on campus. Don picked her up and, in a last-ditch attempt to redeem their relationship, took her to the whorehouse where he was raised, finally allowing Sally to see him in an honest light."


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